SCM COMPONENTS is a company that produce accessories for racing and street motorcycle.
Our experience allow us to offer an advanced tecnology to our audience, moreover our products guarantee the best security on the market also in the daily use. Our products are built whit noble materials for example ERGAL T6 or stainless steel.

All of our components are tested on the racetrack due to the kind cooperation of some Top Team that race on the more important championship. Our products are completely obtained with the most advanced CNC tecnology and at a later time are verified mechanically notwithstanding the products were previously studied with a 3D design software. Some of our products (fuel tank caps for example) are destined only for the racing use; instead a lot of other products like rearsets have obtained the TUV Germany omologation, in conclusion you can use these products on the daily use on the road.

OUR MISSION:is to bring about innovation on our products in the area of interest that include performance and security. We always continue working hard in the study for our products innovation, we sometimes enjoy feedback that are provided from the Teams that use our products.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: During all the producing process we put into our components all the passion and the diligence that we have, using all the knowledge wich we've acquired with the many years of activity.